Year 11 PPE Preparations

Friday 21st October
Good morning Y11,   I sent a message to your families last night about preparing for PPEs.  You can read it on the school website here:   Please click these links to read useful information about the Year 11 pre-public exams starting on 31st October:  

Year 11 Autumn Newsletter

Monday 3rd October
Please read the latest Year 11 Newsletter here for updates, reminders and upcoming event dates.

P7 Timetable for Sept – November CORE

Thursday 22nd September
Year 11 P7 Timetable – 3pm-3.50pm Year 11 students are expected to attend at least 1 period 7 session per week between September and November; this increases to 2/3 after PPEs. Year 11 P7 Timetable Students  

Year 10 into Year 11 Newsletter (July 2022)

Thursday 7th July
Please read the first Year 11 newsletter for our new Year 11's here