Year 11 PPE Preparations

Good morning Y11,
 Year 11 PPE Preparations
I sent a message to your families last night about preparing for PPEs.  You can read it on the school website here:
Please click these links to read useful information about the Year 11 pre-public exams starting on 31st October:  
You have access to some revision materials on Show My Homework
This includes:
  • youtube links to all Literature films to watch or listen
  • quotes
  • knowledge organisers
  • how to revise tips
  • how to write a revision timetable
  • other useful info
Remember, on the first day back there are no exams in the morning so we will have time to prepare for the week together.  Don’t stress but get some revision done…
 Year 11 PPE Preparations
This is also on SMHW if that’s easier for you.