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History fires students’ curiosity and imagination, moving and inspiring them with the dilemmas, choices and beliefs of people in the past. It helps students develop their own identities through an understanding of history at personal, local, national and international levels. It helps them to ask and answer questions of the present by engaging with the past. Pupils find out about the history of their community, Britain, Europe and the world. They develop a chronological overview that enables them to make connections within and across different periods and societies.

As they develop their understanding of the nature of historical study, pupils ask and answer important questions, evaluate evidence, identify and analyse different interpretations of the past, and learn to substantiate any arguments and judgments they make. They appreciate why they are learning what they are learning and can debate its significance.

History prepares pupils for the future, equipping them with knowledge and skills that are prized in adult life, enhancing employability and developing an ability to take part in a democratic society. It encourages mutual understanding of the historic origins of our ethnic and cultural diversity, and helps pupils become confident and questioning individuals.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 students study topics from the Romans to the end of the Cold War.  In Year 7 the focus is on developing the ability to extract information from sources.  Students learn about the Romans, the Black Death, the Crusades and the Tudors.  In Year 8 students develop skills of source analysis through studying the English Civil War, The Slave Trade, Medicine Through Time and the Victorians.  In Year 9 students develop their understanding of bias and reliability of sources through the study of World War One, the Russian Revolution, The Home Front in World War Two and the Cold War.

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Key Stage 4

History at Key stage 4 follows the Edexcel specification.

The aims and objectives of this qualification are to enable students to:

● develop and extend their knowledge and understanding of specified key events, periods

and societies in local, British, and wider world history; and of the wide diversity of human experience

● engage in historical enquiry to develop as independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers

● develop the ability to ask relevant questions about the past, to investigate issues critically and to make valid historical claims by using a range of sources in their historical context

● develop an awareness of why people, events and developments have been accorded historical significance and how and why different interpretations have been constructed about them

● organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in different ways and reach substantiated conclusions.

Thematic study and historic environment – Crime and punishment in Britain and Whitechapel.

Period study and British depth study – Early Elizabethan England

Modern depth study – Weimar and Nazi Germany


Homework enhances pupil learning, improves achievement and develops students’ personal learning and thinking skills and as such is an integral part of the curriculum. It requires careful planning and integration into the schemes of learning of each curriculum area.

In Year 7 students will have Humanities homework the equivalent of 1 hour per week. In Year 8 and 9 homework is divided into Geography, History and RE. Students will undertake various different types of homework including Extended Projects, writing tasks, research, model making and practical research.

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