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Business Studies

Business is changing; the ways of going about business are becoming more diverse. Today there are new paths to success in business as well as the well-trodden academic routes. The image of the businessman or woman is also transforming – today’s new entrepreneur may not have been out of school for many months, indeed, may not even have left. Businesses are having to adapt to these pressures and recruit ever more carefully. However, students who can already demonstrate aptitude and talent are at an advantage. This course is an ideal option for students who have an eye on the future.

The GCSE Applied Business course is designed to give students not only an interesting and stimulating insight into how businesses work but to also instil and develop real world transferable skills to prepare them for further and higher education and the world of work. Offering varied and relevant lesson topics which range from students giving advice to real life businesses to looking at why companies make the decisions they do and how it affects the world we live in.

Units Studied

The content is presented in six clear and distinct topic areas:

  • Business activity
  • Influences on business
  • Business operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human resources

Learners will be expected to draw on their knowledge and understanding of the subject content to:

  • Use business terminology to identify and explain business activity.
  • Apply business concepts to familiar and unfamiliar contexts.
  • Develop problem solving and decision making skills relevant to business.
  • Investigate, analyse and evaluate business opportunities and issues.

Assessment – GCSE Business

This course is 100% external examination and is assessed using two papers in May 2019. Component 1: Business Dynamics is 2 hours long and 62.5% of the qualification. Component 2: Business Considerations is 1 hour 30 minutes and 37.5% of qualification.

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