Broadoak Talks with Peter York – Monday 26th April 2021 

Year 10 students were introduced to the world of media and publishing with the latest Broadoak Talks careers talk with Peter York. Peter is an author, journalistbroadcastermanagement consultant and President of the Media Society. 

Broadoak Talks with Peter York – Monday 26th April 2021 

Peter talked about his life, his career and his concerns with media literacy. Students were interested to find out more about how social media can spread disinformation and asked questions such as “how do you feel about the power and influence of social media in this day and age?” to which Peter gave answers which encouraged students to think about their own online presence and how their data is used. 

Students also discovered the commitment needed when writing a book. Peter talked about his career as an author and the process for publishing his latest book “The War Against the BBC” which is a defence of the BBC against the groups who want to discredit and defund it. 

Miss Kissane Head of Year 10 said “It was a very interesting and thought-provoking talk. Especially the advice to question the media we are exposed to and ask three questions: ‘Why am I being told this? Who is telling me this? Is someone being paid to tell me this?’ It is important that our young people learn to think critically. 

One of the pieces of career advice that Peter gave the Year 10 students was in regard to getting on the path to the career that they want. Peter advised “Start at the bottom in the field that you want to be good at. You will be far more motivated to succeed”. 

Thank you to Peter for giving us an insight into your career and for answering the student’s questions. The careers talk was arranged through Speakers for Schools as part of our ‘Broadoak Talks’ events. If you would be interested in being a speaker for a careers event with Broadoak, please email: [email protected] or call 01934 422000 

Broadoak Talks with Peter York – Monday 26th April 2021  Broadoak Talks with Peter York – Monday 26th April 2021