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The English Faculty at Broadoak Academy is a thriving and lively area where we strive to ensure that students attain their personal best in all lessons. We pride ourselves on our good relationships with students and our commitment to improving standards of teaching and learning. Passionate about our subject, we aim to encourage students to write more, speak about their opinions and read proficiently as well as for enjoyment.

KS3 curriculum and assessment

Our KS3 curriculum covers a wide range of engaging topics to develop skills across reading, writing and oracy. Each year students will encounter poetry, a novel and a range of non-fiction writing. Each unit aims to encourage students to consider their place in the world and what we can learn about ourselves and others through literature. Some of the texts students will encounter include: Animal Farm, identity poetry, gothic fiction, Shakespeare’s The Tempest and science fiction. They will also get the opportunity to explore issues such as fake news, power and corruption, equality and charity.

KS4 curriculum and assessment

Our KS4 students all work towards two English GCSE qualifications: AQA English Literature and AQA English Language. These courses cover a range of skills that build on KS3, as well as preparing students for further study of English at A-level. Both GCSE are 100% exam and test writing and reading skills. There is also a speaking and listening endorsement. The GCSE texts we study are Macbeth, An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol and Power and Conflict Poetry. All of these texts allow us to continue those key discussions from KS3 around charity, kindness, equality and morality.

Pathways beyond school – where could this subject take you?

English beyond GCSE could include:

A Level English Literature

A Level English Language

Film studies/Media courses

Degrees across these subjects and more including classics, history or law.

English qualifications open up a range of doors for students and many career paths including:


Writing (fiction or non fiction)

Copywriting, marketing and advertising

Script writing for film or TV



Speech writing

Teaching or tutoring

EAL teaching