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Physical Education (PE)

Curriculum intent

The intent of our curriculum at Broadoak is to allow students to develop into positive contributors to society. Through enjoying physical activity, our curriculum will provide students with the opportunities to develop characteristics to be successful. Our approach to Physical Education is inclusive and develops all children through movement and interacting with their environment.

At Broadoak PE is providing students with a broad and balanced curriculum that provides them with new experiences to develop confidence in physical literacy to inspire lifelong learning and to lead healthy and active lifestyles. This learning is developed through doing.

KS3 curriculum

In KS3 students will develop their physical literacy through a range of different student-centred activities across the three years of KS3. This will be assessed using Age Related Expectations and two “Spotlight” Assessments in Term 3 and Term 6.

KS3 PE curriculum

KS4 curriculum

In KS4 Core PE students will further develop their physical literacy by experiencing a range of recreational activities with a view to fostering positive behaviours that promote the benefits of physical activity and prepare them to live active and healthy lives.

We encourage our students to promote the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle, demonstrating confidence, empathy and respect. They will have an appreciation of the benefits of upholding physical, mental and social wellbeing.

At Year 11, we allow all student the opportunity to experience sport and exercise externally through partnerships with Weston Golf Club, Hutton Moor Leisure Centre and The Oxhouse. Through these partnerships, students can participate in spinning, aerobics, trampolining, CrossFit and swimming, as well as their school-based activities in school.

There is no formal assessment of KS4 core PE.

KS4 curriculum – Sports Studies: Cambridge National

Students will be assessed throughout the KS4 for knowledge, understanding and skills and will complete three formal assessments in Term 6 of Year 10 and Term 2 and Term 4 of Year 11.

We study the Cambridge Nationals vocational qualification

KS4 Sports Studies curriculum

Additional Information

For practical activities all marks necessary can be gained in lesson time, although there will be a limited range of sports on offer which will be dependent upon class sizes. Attendance at school/club practices and matches can give you more assessment opportunities. You will be expected to take part in all practical sessions, in correct kit.

Pathways beyond school – where could this subject take you?

  • Study at college (Post-16) A-level PE, Cambridge Technical qualifications, and/or Diplomas.
  • These courses then lead to the opportunity to study higher education in PE.
  • Alternatively start a sports related career opportunity, such as an activity leader, sports coach, fitness instructor, leisure assistant.