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As a Mathematics staff, we hope to enable students to learn not only the basic Mathematics skills, but the beauty of how mathematics explores and explain the world around us. We enable students to investigate mathematical concepts in a safe environment and encourage them to not only answer the big questions, but ask them as well.
We will become a lead to mathematical practice to other institutions.

As a Faculty we aim to produce students who:

  • Apply mathematics to practical, everyday situations.
  • Enjoy and are enthusiastic about Mathematics.
  • Have a feeling of confidence about their mathematical ability.
  • Are numerate.
  • Have a knowledge and understanding of their progress
  • Work at and to their maximum potential.
  • Achieve excellent exam results at KS3 and KS4.
  • Continue to want to develop and study mathematics, whether as post 16 students, lifelong learners or recreationally.
  • Investigate Mathematics and come to their own conclusions.
  • Think logically through problems in order to get to a workable solution.


  • Will be consistent in practice.
  • Are enthusiastic about our subject, and believe in what we are teaching.
  • Employ varying Teaching and Learning styles.
  • Value all student and staff contributions.
  • Will be thorough and precise.
  • Believe that all children can learn and enjoy maths.
  • Expect high standards of behaviour, punctuality and work.
  • Will be supportive of staff and students.
  • Value Homework as part of the learning process.
  • Will be efficient in all aspects of our job.
  • Will work as effective team players.
  • Value our own professional development


During KS3 we develop students thinking and knowledge in order to make them successful and ready to study at GCSE. Problem solving is developed through the uses of mathematical investigations, as well as real world problems discussed  in the class room.


Teaching groups are set up and continually reviewed using assessment data from internal testing, Key Stage 3 results and the professional judgement of staff. We continue the functional, practical and problem solving approaches that students experience in KS3.

All students are prepared for GCSE Mathematics examinations at one or two tiers of entry (Higher or Foundation).

The GCSE specification taught at Broadoak has a linear assessment arrangement, with examinations taken at the end of Year 11.


Homework is set for all classes on a weekly basis. In KS3, this forms a mixture of Mymaths homeworks testing knowledge and some problem solving tasks.

In KS4, the homeworks will be based around knowledge, problem solving and exam practice.


There are plenty of enrichment activities on offer in the mathematics faculty. There is a weekly maths club, this is engages in recreational maths to engage and excite students. It also runs activities that helps prepare them for regional and national competitions.

We take part in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior UK maths challenges. We also take part in local, and regional team maths competitions and have had teams go on to compete nationally.

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