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Science is all around us. It has a constant and everchanging role in our day to day lives. The Science team here at Broadoak are passionate about science and use this passion to deliver lessons that allow students to understand the world around them in greater depth.

The Science curriculum has a focus on building on prior knowledge, developing key threads and building ideas onto one another. The curriculum allows students to form up to date opinions, supported scientific knowledge, of current affairs topics such as the use of genetic modification and the ethics involved in IVF. It combines these modern and relevant topics with some more classic concepts in science, that most people remember from their school days, such as the dissection of hearts and Bunsen burners. Practicals make up a core aspect of science and feature widely in many topics throughout the curriculum.


All students follow the national programme of study, incorporating the essential key ideas in science. All students take part in extensive practical and investigative work.

We have designed a ‘Themed Curriculum’ for years 7 and 8 which helps pupils appreciate the importance of science in our world.

Students will do a skills assessment and a summative assessment every term.

Please click here to visit our KS3 Curriculum page giving detailed information about all topics covered in Years 7 and 8


We run one course, the Edexcel Science course.

Please click here to visit our KS4 Curriculum page giving detailed information about  all topics and options for Years 10 and 11.

Extra-curricular Opportunities

The science department run a range of after school activities to support students during KS4 with coursework, revision and extended BTEC support.

We also run a number of STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) activities and a science club.